The Value of Choosing a Family-Owned Business

Monster Roofing and Construction is an established family owned, local business. When you hire us for the job, you are trusting us above a big name. You are hiring a professional who sees you as important. Let’s take a minute to talk about the value of choosing a family owned business. You are valued as an individual, a significant part of your family, and a special part of our community.

Carson Lee, founder of Monster Roofing. He owns a family owned business in Dayton, Ohio.

By hiring a family owned business, you are contributing directly to our family and the families of our employees. This means we get to create and maintain secure jobs for our employees. One of our most important goals is to provide a family experience within our business, meaning every single person we hire to work for us is treated exactly like family. Your support allows us to do this. 

This also means there is no big overhead taking massive cuts out of our pay, and no one above us compromises our work values. We get to serve our community in the ways that feel right to us. Family owned businesses are beyond valuable to the community because we deeply care about our interactions and service. If you aren’t happy with something, our first and highest priority is finding a solution that serves you best. 

We also have the privilege to build personal, genuine connections that last a lifetime. We recognize and appreciate when you refer our name to others. It is because of you that we get to continue to grow. When you hire us, you trust us to provide the best quality experience, materials, and service. We aren’t here to take every dollar you make in exchange for minimal work or communication. We guarantee you will get a personal experience and will be met with integrity and honesty. 

Another massive benefit of choosing an established, family owned local business is that we do this work because we genuinely love it. We aren’t here for just the paycheck. Our contractors have experience and passion for roofing and construction. We are passionate about using our skills, education, and heart to build deep roots within Dayton and Southwestern Ohio. 

And another added bonus?  When you book a consultation with us, it is always free! We will have an open conversation with no hidden agenda to provide the best work with an appropriate price tag. We pride ourselves on being honest and reliable, and we don’t believe in taking shortcuts to cut costs that could be detrimental to you or the project we are hired to do.  

As a family owned business, we truly want the best for you. Our employees are ecstatic to do business with you, and we love nothing more than building our community better together. We know that our experience is top-notch and that you will find value in the Monster Roofing and Construction team! Ready to work with us? Drop us a line here. We’re excited for the next steps!

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Written by Rebecca Kochanek | Savvy Morris Marketing Copywriter & Blogger

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